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All of NDI's BEAUTY Pieces are 925 Sterling Silver which is then plated either 18k gold or platinum. Did you ever buy fake silver from other brand? Did you know X-Ray machine can test jewellery material content in 15 second.

     NDI's BEAUTY 925 Sterling Silver is nickel and lead free, its non-allergic and very safe for sensitive skin. Real silver won't change to green colour, only alloy or cooper can. Our Pieces last long for you as long as you cared for it.

  *For longevity of your Silver , we advice you keep them dry! Remove when at beach, pool, spa, hot summer.

  *No chemical please! Avoid contact with perfumes and other cleaning products.

  *They need to be cleaned periodically, they can easily be clean and polish with our pink cloth when oxidised.

  *Store in a cool and dry place, preferably in NDI's BEAUTY Jewellery  box or pouch bag .



Cubic Zirconia

Is the ultimate diamond alternative, a high grade cubic Zirconia stone shares many of the same qualities of a diamond, producing more flashes of colour and sparkle than expensive diamond. Cubic Zirconia stone are more ethical and less expensive alternative.

Platinum Plating

Is used to enhance the durability of sterling silver, it is a rare precious material which can be 20x more expensive than gold, the platinum plaiting we use is rhodium. Silver content is more than 92.5%.

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